Artisan Advisors was formed to help community bankers navigate their way to success in an increasingly complex operating and regulatory environment. Artisan Advisors is driven by its belief in the importance and long-term viability of community banking. Our goal is to craft banking solutions for our clients that not only represent "best industry practices" but also are designed to be practical and easily implemented. We at Artisan use our own experience in the banking industry to get to the heart of the issue, whether strategic or operational, and then recommend a well thought out course of action. We also seek long-term relationships with our clients because that is the only way to deliver high quality, value-added advisory services. As an Artisan Advisors client, our collective banking knowledge and experience will be a valuable asset to your board of directors and management.


Service Excellence

Artisan Advisors exists to be of service to our clients.  We are here for one reason - to help your financial institution be the best it can be.  As former bank presidents, board members, and CFOs, ourselves, we have a unique understanding of the daily issues and opportunities financial institution executives face - because we've been there.  We bring that depth of understanding and personal connection to every client, every project and every meeting.  We sit down with you, roll up our sleeves and get the work done - for the benefit of your bank and the community it serves. 

The Right Results

Establishing and working together toward the right strategic goals, we help make you better bankers.   We develop winning strategies and stay with you as they are successfully executed.  We identify and solve problems, implement solutions that will make customers happy and create organizational value. Whether you need to develop a high-impact strategic plan, improve your operational efficiency, better your loan portfolio performance, or elevate your compliance and regulatory results, Artisan Advisors is the right team for getting results. 

Management Team

We have a deep bench of battle-tested financial professionals, whose expertise ranges from long view strategic planning, interim executive management and recruitment services to intensive compliance, regulatory and data management.  We put that expertise to work in the right way, every time, for our clients. 

Jim Adkins
Jeffrey Voss
Matt Bergman
Mike Boettcher
Tommy Fitzgibbon
Peter Fotopoulos
John Hecht
Steve Heckard
David Larson
Kathy Marinangel
Ron Mercer
Cynthia Rohde
Dan Kadolph

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