William Ozanic · Director

William Ozanic, a director with Artisan Advisors, brings a wealth of diverse experience to the team. A specialist in the commercial loan process, his expertise extends to commercial and real estate lending, credit administration and underwriting, as well as construction loan management, troubled asset resolution and management, compliance, risk assessment and mitigation, and loan operations.

Bill is a veteran banker who, during his 30-year career, has held management and leadership positions at institutions such as Pan American Bank and Trust, Mutual Federal Bank, The Federal Savings Bank and, early in his career, Banco Popular, where he first met and worked with Jim Adkins. His steady climb through the banking ranks afforded him a broad view of the banking landscape, as he progressed from credit analyst to numerous executive level positions, specializing in credit and loans. He is a skilled communicator and insightful counselor, who, because of his deep and varied experience, counsels his clients on multiple critical banking functions.

Bill holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago.

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