Kathy Marinangel · Director

Kathy Marinangel, a Director with Artisan Advisors, is a seasoned professional with more than 30 years of comprehensive expertise in all aspects of banking and board governance.

Before joining Artisan, Kathy was the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of McHenry Bancorp, Inc. and its subsidiary, McHenry Savings Bank.  During her tenure, she grew the bank 500%, managed a capital raise of $23 million and negotiated an extension of the bank’s TRUPS interest deferral period, ultimately resulting in a steep discount of TRUPS debt.  Kathy served as chief strategist and lead negotiator in the successful sale of McHenry Bancorp, Inc., to a private equity group in 2018.

Kathy’s banking industry connections run deep, having served on the American Community Bankers, American Bankers Association, and Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago boards and various State banking and trade associations.  Kathy also served as an advisor to Federal Reserve Board Chairman Allen Greenspan for two years.  She has testified before U.S. Senate and House Bank Committees and the European Union in Brussels to emphasize legislative and policy issues in the banking industry.

Kathy has worked directly with investment bankers, regulators, accountants, board members and counsel in all phases of bank strategy, organization, and administration. She is particularly adept at managing and advising on regulatory relations for clients.  Kathy’s other areas of expertise include asset quality advisory, OREO management and the disposal strategies, cash flow and liquidity management, ALLL methodology, and the restructuring of balance sheets for optimal interest rate risk management.  Kathy has substantial experience with capital planning, strategic planning, and financial projections.  Her expertise also includes the audit and examination process and the resolutions of findings and criticisms noted therein. Additionally, Kathy has worked extensively in S Corporation conversions, evaluation and implementation of niche lending and non-interest revenue programs, and bank-owned service corporations.

Kathy earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana.

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