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As we continue to help community banks meet their organizational and regulatory goals, Artisan Advisors hosts virtual and in-person events. We'd love for you to join us for one of our our upcoming events.

Survive or Thrive:

A Four Part Webinar Series

Join us for a C-Suite focused roundtable discussion - and a cup of coffee - on us. The four part “Survive or Thrive” webinar series hosted by Artisan Advisors will explore key issues facing community bankers as they work to survive, or thrive, in the post-pandemic economy.

Led by three former bank CEOs – Jim Adkins, Jeff Voss and John Hecht – each webinar will combine educated insight, real solutions and tales from the trenches, from battle-tested executives who know what you’re going through…because they’ve been there.

After you've attended each webinar in the series, we'll send you a free coffee gift card. REGISTER TODAY.

Upcoming Events from Artisan Advisors:

Thursday, October 29
"So You Think You Are Ready?"

This webinar will address key strategic issues bank executives will face in the coming 12-24 months - including capital allocation, preparing for regulators, and balancing opportunity with strategic goals.
Listen to recent Waller Law podcast as a preview to this event

Moderated by Jim Adkins
Hosted by Dan Kadolph and John Hecht
Special Guests: Wes Scott and Kevin Tran, partners at Waller Law

Thursday, December 3
"We Just Elected a President. What Does That Mean For Your Institution?"
We'll discuss the outcome of the election and how it may impact banks in 2021.

(Time/Date to be Confirmed)

Previous Events from Artisan Advisors:

"Setting the Economic Stage"

An in-depth look at our current economic situation. Hear from our experts on the current state of the economy and how it can affect the decisions your bank makes in the coming months. 

Hosted by Jim Adkins, Jeff Voss, John Hecht
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"The Strategic Planning Process During a Downturn"

This panel discussion addresses key offensive and defensive planning strategies, with a special focus on the importance of raising capital in the current environment.

Hosted by: Jim Adkins, Jeff Voss, John Hecht
Special Guest: Kirsten Spira, a partner at BoardmanClark
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