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As we continue to help community banks meet their organizational and regulatory goals, Artisan Advisors hosts virtual and in-person events. We'd love for you to join us for one of our our upcoming events.

Survive or Thrive:

A Four Part Webinar Series

Join us for a C-Suite focused roundtable discussion - and a cup of coffee - on us. The four part “Survive or Thrive” webinar series hosted by Artisan Advisors will explore key issues facing community bankers as they work to survive, or thrive, in the post-pandemic economy.

Led by three former bank CEOs – Jim Adkins, Jeff Voss and John Hecht – each webinar will combine educated insight, real solutions and tales from the trenches, from battle-tested executives who know what you’re going through…because they’ve been there.

After you've attended each webinar in the series, we'll send you a free coffee gift card. REGISTER TODAY.

Survive or Thrive:
Will Your Bank Survive or Thrive in the New Economy?

Thursday, August 13 (2:00 - 3:00 pm Central)
Session 1: Setting the Economic Stage

Thursday, September 24 (Time/Date to be Confirmed)
Session 2: The Strategic Planning Process during a Downturn

Thursday, October 29 (Time/Date to be Confirmed)
Session 3: So You Think You Are Ready?

Thursday, December 3 (Time/Date to be Confirmed)
Session 4: We Just Elected a President. What Does That Mean For Your Institution?

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