Board Governance

Board Governance

Board directors are responsible for establishing and maintaining the bank’s corporate governance framework.  Strong corporate governance is the foundation for an institution’s safe-and-sound operations and is necessary to remain profitable, competitive and resilient through changing economic and market conditions. 

Bank Board Meeting

Critical evaluation of all issues facing the institution is essential, as is the board’s ability to identify, measure, monitor and control the risks of operations. Directors should be candid, open and direct. They need to voice their opinions without hesitation and give clear instruction. And it is crucial that they do so with the institution’s goals and objectives in mind, while maintaining the board’s independence. The board of directors also must review and assess its roles and responsibilities regularly, in order to meet the requirements for good governance in today’s times of complexity.

Artisan works directly with the Board Chair and individual board members to review and discuss concerns in all phases of required diligence and oversight. Through a series of guided discussions and listening sessions, we gain an understanding of your board’s goals and assess where it stands in its ability to achieve them. We also work with your board to review key performance indicators, such as corporate culture, staffing, policies and procedures, and lead the board through a self-examination process that facilitates board discussion and input. The end goal is to identify, define and implement actions steps that will enhance overall bank performance.

Our years of board experience allow us to effectively evaluate and strengthen board leadership roles. We advise our clients on a broad spectrum of board governance matters including:

  • Board selection and management retention processes
  • Strategic planning
  • Capital planning
  • Succession planning
  • Short and long-term business objectives
  • Business and financial performance oversight
  • Risk reporting
  • Recruitment support
  • Short-term board director assignments

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