Loan Participation Opportunities

The life blood of every community bank is its ability to access profitable business opportunities. Because their lending abilities are often limited based on their size, many community banks are not able to compete in the arenas that larger institutions can.  

Loans in the $10-$40M range typically are not sought after by very large banks, which leaves a niche market for smaller institutions.

Loan Participation
Loan Opportunities

In an effort to help our community bank clients have access to larger loan opportunities, we have created the Midwest Real Estate Opportunity Program (MROP). Through a partnership with Geneva Capital, Artisan Geneva creates commercial construction and real estate loan packages, which provide community banks the chance to participate in the lending process.

There are many benefits to our Loan Participation Program:
  • Provides a new product type for community banks to expand their lending portfolio.
  • Artisan Geneva sources the commercial real estate professionals who are looking for funding.
  • Artisan Geneva gathers all the borrower and project information required to successfully underwrite and document the loan request.
  • A comprehensive transaction sheet is prepared for each loan request, outlining the project economics and rationale, along with the borrower’s repayment ability, collateral coverage, and loan terms.
  • Community banks can leverage the experience and expertise of Artisan Advisors and Geneva Capital.
  • Multiple community banks can participate in the same loan package.
  • Final loan approval is made by bank’s own underwriters and executives.
  • Geneva Capital closes and services the loan.
  • Loan participation can be as low as $2M.

A Turnkey Opportunity

Expand your business footprint through access to new lending markets

The entire process of the Midwest Real Estate Opportunity Program is conducted in a fully confidential manner. Should one of our community bank clients be interested in exploring one of our commercial real estate loan projects further, they are directed to a secure website for additional information.

Additionally, Artisan Geneva can assist community banks with the management of their large customer loan relationships and loan-type concentrations by arranging participations among our bank client community.

There is no fee or registration process to participate in the MROP.  Our program has given many of our clients the opportunity to expand their business foot print, by providing them the chance to access new lending markets. Contact us today to learn more about the MROP and how your community bank can benefit from its many opportunities. 

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