Organizational Efficiency & Analysis

Organizational Efficiency & Analysis

Coming from a background of community banking, the principals at Artisan Advisors have an expert level, working knowledge of all aspects of bank operations. Over the years, we have developed teams and overseen the implementation of best practices in every department of a community banking organization.

Our operational consulting services can perform comprehensive and objective assessments of community banks, which often give their leadership teams a new perspective on the overall effectiveness of the organization’s culture and functionality. We take a holistic approach to our appraisals, by looking at the bank as a whole, followed by its component parts.

Assesment Process

The assessment process is carried out in a number of stages:

  • Work with bank leadership to determine which areas of the business will be evaluated, such as mission, culture, structure, leadership, practices and processes.
  • Identify stakeholders throughout the organization and conduct positive, productive interviews for the purpose of gathering information about various business functions and staffing.
  • Engage bank leadership to evaluate findings & pinpoint needed areas of change.
  • Make detailed recommendations to management team and create a specific action plan to implement identified priorities.
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Expert Data Analysis

The highly experienced banking executives at Artisan Advisors can provide your organization with a comprehensive assessment process that will help your community bank not only accomplish its goals, but also achieve a much greater level of success.

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