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Strategic marketing can do a lot of positive things for your business, from building awareness of your products and services to driving more customers to your bank – both in person and virtually. Good marketing must be in sync with your audience’s wants and needs, and it must be delivered in a way that is timely and relevant, for them to take action.

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The rapidly evolving marketing landscape can make it difficult to keep up – to ensure that your bank is employing the most current, effective strategies and tools to understand and connect with your customers. Multiple social media platforms from YouTube to TikTok, digital display advertising, paid search, influencer marketing, and AI are now commonly employed tactics alongside their more traditional predecessors like broadcast, print and outdoor advertising and grassroots community engagement. A good integrated marketing program includes an appropriate mix of new and old tactics and technologies designed to appeal to, and generate desired responses from, your target audiences.

Additionally, those audiences that your bank must target to fuel growth and remain relevant have become increasingly more complex and diverse. A “one size fits all” approach simply has no place in 21st century marketing. Generational and cultural expectations of the client experience mandate a more deeply personalized outreach that acknowledge who they are, what kind of information they need to hear and how they prefer to hear it. 

As former bank executives, we understand the challenges inherent in creating, executing and measuring good marketing. As consultants, we counsel banks on making sure their marketing is closely aligned with their overall strategic plan, to ensure it supports business goals, builds the bank’s reputation and protects it in times of crisis. The broad array of strategic marketing services we offer includes:

  • Strategic planning and counsel
  • Communications auditing
  • Audience analysis
  • Corporate and product branding and message development
  • Traditional and social media strategies
  • Digital and content marketing strategies
  • Media training 
  • Issue and crisis communication planning and preparedness

Community banking, generally, is facing challenges in marketing its value proposition and products in a highly competitive arena. But every community bank is an individual, with unique issues and opportunities. We can help you work through your bank’s specific issues and make the best of your opportunities.

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