Compliance & Regulatory Consulting

Compliance & Regulatory Consulting

Regulations in the community banking industry are critically important as they are designed to protect account holders and maintain standards of ethical conduct in the financial industry. For every banking executive, compliance with regulations is an ever-present concern. There are generally three aspects to regulatory compliance.

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Daily Operations

Ensuring that banking rules are followed by all staff members when conducting daily activities, such as opening depositor accounts, issuing debit cards and making loans.

Compliance Management

Bank regulators require that community banking institutions have a compliance oversight process, designed to monitor strict adherence to regulations.

Validation of Compliance Methods

The process of having a highly qualified and objective third party audit and evaluate a community bank’s compliance practices.

Artisan Advisors has decades of experience working in the area of regulatory compliance, as well as implementing effective programs within community banks that will ensure adherence to legal mandates.


We are pleased to offer our clients the following regulatory compliance consulting services.

  • Regulatory Risk Assessment
  • Compliance Risk Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Legal & Compliance Risk
  • BSA/AML Risk
  • Fair Lending Risk & Review
  • CRA Risk & Evaluation
  • Website & Social Media Review
  • Compliance Culture
  • Compliance Training
  • Consumer Complaint Investigation

Depending on their size, some community banks do not have a compliance officer on staff to oversee adherence to regulations. Outsourcing this role to the experts at Artisan Advisors is a very cost effective way to fulfill this very important business need. Our fee for service structure has achieved considerable savings for community banks when compared to the overhead costs associated with hiring a compliance officer full time.

We are uniquely qualified to manage the regulatory compliance oversight role, having decades of direct, hands on experience in this complex area. Being former community bank presidents and current board members, we can provide an unmatched level of insight and perspective with our regulatory compliance consulting services.

Our organization has also assisted community banks when they have been contacted by regulators or informed of poor audit results. Our experts can create a tailor made program to identify and correct any compliance deficiencies. We also specialize in BSA (Bank Secrecy Act) regulations.

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