Executive Suite Assessment & Support

Executive Suite Assessment & Support

Having held the positions of CEO, bank president and board member of well-known banking institutions, the managing directors of Artisan Advisors are uniquely qualified to bring their many years of knowledge, experience and perspective to help your community banking organization excel.

Executive Team Coaching

We have acted as an executive coach for many C-Suite bank leaders, all with unique business objectives, challenges and perspectives. While our approach with every leadership team is tailor fit to each organization, the foundational goals of our executive coaching efforts remain consistent.

Here is what you can expect to gain from the Executive Coaching team at Artisan Advisors:

  • Creation of goals & objectives for coaching.
  • Further development of leadership skills & vision.
  • Proven methods to harmonize & unify the relationships among C-Suite executives.
  • Increased clarity about business strategy & goals.
  • Provide an experienced, but objective sounding board.
  • Develop a productive, positive corporate culture, unique to community banking.

As executive coaches, our objective is not to persuade you to operate your business as we would, but rather to give you additional tools and skills to implement your own vision. Contact us today to learn more about how we can utilize our decades of industry experience to help grow and develop the skills of your executive leadership team.

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Executive Recruitment Resources

Finding the right bank president/CEO/CFO is one of the most important elements in developing a successful business model, growth strategy and a positive, productive work culture. The highly experienced partners at Artisan Advisors have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to succeed in these critical executive roles, as they themselves occupied them for many years.

During the executive recruiting process, Artisan Advisors can be an essential partner in helping your hiring committee make fully informed decisions about candidates for top leadership positions.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive assessment of your candidates in the following key areas:

  • Industry Knowledge
  • Previous Experience
  • Specific Skill Sets
  • Cultural Fit / Personality
  • Communication Style
  • Adaptability to marketplace changes
  • Strategic Vision
  • Personal Career Goals

Our extremely thorough and extensive evaluation of executive level candidates provides a much more in-depth perspective and analysis to the decision making process. We can also assist in the creation of executive job descriptions, which ensures that only the most qualified candidates apply. Our principals are available to participate in the candidate interview sessions as well.

Let our decades of experience and industry expertise be a key strategic resource for your executive recruitment team.

Executive Interim Management Services

There can be times in the community banking industry when there is a need to secure the services of an interim management executive. A person in this role would step into the banking operation and assume a top leadership position for a specified period of time. Executive vacancies can often be caused by a retirement, an unexpected departure of a key person or other related factors.

The partners at Artisan Advisors have directly assumed these positions for our clients on a reasonable, hourly fee basis and we also have a network of talented, experienced banking professionals who can take on such assignments in the same fashion. Through our interim management executive services, you can be assured that only the best qualified and experienced banking experts will be placed in your organization. When the need for such services arise, you can count on the team at Artisan Advisors to exceed your expectations.

Here are some recent interim management assignments that our leadership team performed for our community bank clients.

Chief Executive Officer

Artisan Advisors was asked to provide interim CEO services to a $170 million commercial bank while its chairman and CEO was focused on personal matters. Artisan Advisors successfully handled numerous credit, managerial, and regulatory matters, as well as upgraded bank policies and procedures.

Chief Credit Officer

Our organization was engaged to furnish interim CCO services to a $1 billion commercial bank. Artisan Advisors took full control of the credit administration function and also improved the bank’s ALLL process through an advanced segmentation analysis.

Chief Lending Officer

We provided interim CLO services to a $300 million commercial bank. Artisan Advisors worked with bank staff to develop structured calling program, assisted lenders with the evaluation and structuring of loan requests, and participated in new business calls. Artisan Advisors developed a niche lending product for the bank, which included supporting operating procedures. Artisan Advisors also was a key player in the bank’s loan committee process.

Chief Financial Officer

It was requested of us to provide interim CFO services to a $450 million commercial bank, which was under a consent order. Artisan Advisors successfully performed all CFO-related tasks and managed the bank’s response to the consent order requirements. The bank was released from the consent order, and Artisan Advisors assisted in the evaluation of all CFO candidates, the result being the addition of a new CFO.


Our partners were asked to provide interim Controller services to a $600 million commercial bank as the bank prepared itself for sale to another institution. Artisan Advisors stayed engaged with the buyer to provide accounting support post-merger.

Mid-Level Bank Officer & Staff Recruitment Services

Artisan Advisors is also pleased to offer our community bank clients mid-level bank officer and staffing recruitment services. Through our network of industry partners, we can help you find top quality, experienced banking professionals who can fill the roles of branch officers and other staff positions.
Our recruitment efforts can select candidates for you and we will also participate in the interview process and the creation of job descriptions.

Our compensation structure for these services are on an hourly fee basis, instead of the traditional way of being paid based on a percentage of a new employee’s annual salary. This arrangement has saved our clients a significant amount of money during the recruiting process.
Contact us today to learn more about how Artisan Advisors can help you recruit the most highly qualified and best mid-level bank officer and staff professionals in the industry.

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